The Privy Council Oath says:  “We will lett anything against Her Majesty”.  The legal term “l – e – t – t” means ‘to condemn’, so that the Privy Counsellor condemn anything against the Queen.This means that if you have a case against the Queen – they have to condemn it.

Interview with Acting Prince PretenderJoseph Gregory Hallett and Andrew Carrington Hitchcock, 17 February 2016,
Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show on

Andrew Hitchcock: Welcome to the Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show on  Today I am joined by writer and researcher Greg Hallett. How are you today, Greg?

Greg Hallett:  I am good, thanks.  It is good to be here. 

Andrew Hitchcock:  A first show that I do with the guest – and I always want my guests to return if they wish – I always concentrate on handing the mic over to them, if you like, to give us as extensive a bio as you would like to give.  The idea being is that in any future shows that we do, I can always say “If you want to know more about Greg, just go to the first show that I did with Greg, and listen to the Bio – and you will know all about him.  I hand over to you, Greg, to give us the story about yourself and your work.

Greg Hallett: Okay. First of all, my website is and

I have written about 15 books. The first one was published in 2002, so I started researching in 1999. Through the contacts I had, I quickly came to realize that everything in the Government and everything in the Judiciary and everything in the Police, that they present to do – they actually do the exact opposite.

Then I came to realise that the titles that they give themselves, they use those titles to Occupy those Positions, so that no one can do that job, and they do the exact opposite job.

For instance Prime Minister – does whatever he can to destroy the country.

And the Chief Justice does whatever he can to ensure that there is No Justice in media NZ.

And they themselves carry out crimes of murder, fraud, theft, paedophilia, paedophile-minding, paedophile-enabling . . . and really, it is a Crime Creation Movement, and “THE JUDICIARY IS THE MAFIA”.

Andrew Hitchcock:  I agree with those points wholeheartedly, yes.   You can see, certainly all the Governments and the Police etc. never seem to be acting in the interest of the citizens.

Greg Hallett: Yes absolutely.  They actually use codified words and misspelt words, or rather, words spelt with one letter different, that people miss the spelling mistake, and they read the word according to how they want to read it – but it actually means the exact opposite.  Like a word that means “for all the people”, but with a spelling mistake it means “just for us” – and that is part of the Lord Mayor of London’s Oath.

So we have these Oaths, and we have the Privy Council Oath . . . and the Privy Council Oath says:  “We will lett anything against the Queen”.