The original Cactus Kate Review of New Zealand: A Blackmailer’s Guide was on 5 May 2008

Greg Hallett, 6 May 2008:

Hey Cacti, both authors got it absolutely right.

In a review, you have to take sides and split things down the middle, but it is true, as I have said on my 14 hours of podcast interviews overseas, “New Zealand is a paedophile movement fronting as a country”.

What’s more interesting about my book ‘Blackmailer’s Guide’ is that I have not been contacted by any media – whereas Wishart has total contact with the media.  He only went so far.  I went further.

I tried to give him some of my stories through an intermediary and he wouldn’t touch them – citing “too dangerous”.

As I have said, the New Zealand media is a “child sex abuse and child drug movement”.

Just look at the multi-award winning Paul Holmes, NZ’s biggest P user, who supplied P to his daughter.

How do I know this?

I interviewed Millie after building rapport about modelling with her mother for Cocacola.

Millie was 14 at the time and already on P.  My research was on the street and through intel. circles.

Wishart’s material came from phone calls ending in “no comment”.

We are both right.  You can tell we are both right because we have never met and have come up with the same results coming from completely different angles.

When history is written well and with understanding, it reads like a comic book.

‘Blackmailer’s Guide’ is funny.

‘Absolute Power’ is a good reference.

Helen Clark is teflon coated because she was trained in the St Petersburg Tavistock and is a graduate of the Freud Hilton.

Hence her New World Order protection.

She is deconstructed and mind controlled.

She is a NWO agent – does nothing for the country and everything for the NWO.

It is her job to depopulate NZ and remove all heteropatriots.

Why don’t you get the two authors on TV for a debate to inform the public, because the media certainly isn’t.

It is too busy promoting its paedophiles, child sex abusers, drug users and drug dealers, and backing this up with glossy photos in woman’s magazines.  Shouldn’t NZ be asking Paul Holmes if he married he and Hine’s call girl.