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When protection orders came into force in July 1996, the suicides of separated fathers leapt to 4.6 times the national average.

There is now a separated father or son suicide every working day of the year due to the Family Court’s gender bias.

Protection orders remove over 6,000 fathers from families each year. No evidence is required. Yet those same orders rarely, if ever, remove mothers from families.

There is virtually a 100 % correlation between fathers with protection orders and those fathers not getting custody.
It would appear that Godzone has become a police state for separated fathers.

Are You My Father? Exposes how Kiwi fathers with protection orders have suffered thirty years of dishonest media terrorism from feminist lobby groups and unnecessary trauma from the Family Court. It examines why gender politics is now a bigger social problem than racism and crime.
. . . A scandal like this only comes around every hundred years .