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Greg Hallett

Cons from within New Zealand.

When the rivers, forests and coastline are removed from this ‘pure country’, cons and compromised politicans show just how far they have gone to serve the New World Order. Lifting the carpet on New Zealand shows it to be a paedophile movement fronting as a country.

The literary movement is a paedophile protectorate.
The Prime Minister and Speaker of the House both tried to launch a nuclear strike on Taupo with the KGB's Vladimir Putin.
The government talkshow host is into every drug known to man and married his call girl.
The Head of Social Services was the dominatrix of the Attorney General.
The more sexually deviant a woman is, the further and faster she is promoted, no matter how ingrained the learning difficulties. Male paedophiles are promoted into politics and then to the top positions with complete police cover.

The judiciary shows itself to be a paedophile and crime creation movement whose primary goal is fatherless families.

Israel and China fight it out over New Zealand, deciding to be tolerant of each other, China taking the North Island and Israel taking the South Island, from where Israel plans to take over Antarctica.
The US Navy calls the capital city Wellington, ‘Jerk’, and New Zealand, ‘Flux’, but the New World Order name is ‘New Spain’ – from where the new continent of Antarctica will be exploited.

A list of Intelligence names and addresses are garnered . . .
. . . and a few more attempts on the author’s life – standard now for any author who strays from the agenda.


Table of Contents and Downloads

NEW ZEALAND, A Blackmailer’s Guide

CHAPTERS <click to read first page>


1. Faggots write Fiction – The Frank Sargeson story

2. Nuclear New Zealand – KGB agents Helen Clark & Margaret Wilson – early mission

3. How Exicting! – Governor-General Silvia Cartwright meets Angela D'Audney

4. Pedigree-Mongers – James K. Baxter meets Stephanie Johnson

5. Drugs and Corruption in TV New Zealand – Should we trust our news if we can’t trust Paul Holmes?

6. Whipping the Sleeper – Christine Rankin dominates Geoffrey Palmer

7. The Battle of Nelson Crescent – Joselyn Counsell’s mad influence over the NZ Police

8. Sex & Drugs and being a TV Personality as cover – Is Matthew Ridge a Policeman’s friend?

9. What dominates New Zealand – Unwarranted narcissism and manufactured charisma

10. The Ego has Landed - Paul Holmes on Paul Holmes

11. Dollars for Sense – Judicial Train Wrecks

12. Difficult New Zealand – Noah wins the Ark contract, Auckland 2007

13. The New National Anthem – ‘Hot Teaspoons’, The Parthenogenesis fisted ones

14. Fisting in America – How Helen Clark came to wear Incontinence Nappies

15. Where’s the Con – Cute Only

16. Goodbye’Pork Pie’ – Office of Lies




This book is the result of at least three decades of intelligence research. The histories were collected from multiple sources independent of each other and the results have been disturbing enough to warrant checking and rechecking.

The actual events are so bizarre and unbelieveable that they have to be recorded in detail just to confirm their existence. The media never reports bizarre stories, or the truth, or the bizarre truth. The most common excuse given is ‘fear of litigation’, but the truth is more bizarre − the media are usually connected to the bizarre crap they’re not reporting.

Governments spend huge money and resources covering their true nature – this is called counter-intelligence. Counter-intelligence permeates throughout every government department. It produces nothing, costs the most, controls the media, presents quiet lies to the public, and maintains governments in power. That is the role of counter-intelligence. Its greatest ally is the media, then the police and judiciary.

Counter-intelligence is the most influential and far-reaching government department and is not limited in methods or extent of attack. Anyone who thinks out loud is on their list.


Reviews and Comments

Bridget Saunders, Sunday Star Times, ‘About Town’ Columnist, centre spread, 20 January 2008:
Say what, Greg?
In my last column last year, I mentioned a book called ‘New Zealand – A Blackmailer’s Guide’ and its extraordinary claims.
Well I read the book over the break (couldn’t put it down actually) and it is certainly wild.
Much of it defies belief, but some of it I know for a fact (because of my own crazy occupation) to be true.
Former PM and president of the Law Commission Sir Geoffrey Palmer: “Author Greg Hallett’s words are highly defamatory, but no one takes him seriously – so no one would dignify his claims with a law suit”.
And that’s got to be the only way to handle it.
Some of the spectacular claims include:
Chief Justice Dame Sian Elias being a contract killer . . .
Helen Clark being trained in St Petersburg as a KGB agent and having writer and historian Michael King murdered . . .
Police Minister Annette King gifting 10 kg of heroin to the police for distribution among the gangs . . .
There’s a huge amount of twisted sex in the book and lots of drugs and if the allegations are true, why the police have not picked up one of the people mentioned, I really don’t know.
This person’s alleged behaviour [Paul Holmes] is an open secret and if someone like Hallett is hearing this stuff, then why aren’t they.

Former 2IC of the SIS during the Cold War in New Zealand:
One of the best books ever to come out of New Zealand.
Lenny Bloom, Political Scientist at Cloak & Dagger Radio/Podcast, Canada
You are number one on the runway for the Shock Talk Show (9 July 2008) . . .
You’re our favourite rebel in the South Pacific . . .

Dr. Stefan Grossmann, Ph.d Law, Germany:
You’re tremendously brave.
I admire anyone who sues their Prime Minister for murder.
Even more so when they’re still in office . . .

Highranking Freemason Lawyer, Hamilton:
A millionaire client of mine bought your book . . .
He asked me to check the facts and allegations with a view to suing you . . .
I found everything in Blackmailer’s to be 100% true . . .

Optometrist, Auckland City
Other authors are now saying what you’ve been saying for the last five years . . .

General Opinion
It’s the book on New Zealand . . .