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1. Living Libraries (click to preview)

Hitler was a British Agent: Living Libraries

The problem with agents is that they played a role but were denied the overall picture. Each had a piece of evidence to impart and it is only through collecting their different stories that an entire picture emerges.


2. Adolf Hitler The Incestuous Catholic Jew
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Adolf Hitler The Incestous Jew

Lionel Rothschild and his illegitimate son Alois Hitler

Adolf Hitler received a letter from his half-brother Alois hinting at very odd circumstances in our family history and it is odd indeed. This referred to the conception of their father Alois Hitler.


3. Adolf Hitler in Britain (click to preview)

Adolf Hitler in Britain

Hitlers lost two years and four months run from January 1911 to 24 May 1913.

  1. Hitler spent 1911 working through his inheritance in the Vienna doss-houses.
  2. From February to November 1912 he spent nine months training in the Englands Tavistock Psych-Ops War School and another Psych-Ops War School Ireland.
  3. From November 1912 to April 1913 he was based in Liverpool with his half-brother. From here he viewed strategic British structures including the Tower Bridge, ships and ports, as did many German tourist spies at that time.
  4. In April 1913 Adolf Hitler went to Vienna.
  5. On 24 May 1913 Hitler moved to Munich.


4. Hitlers Sexuality

Hitler's Sexuality

On 24 May 1913 Hitler left Vienna and moved to the bohemian gay neighbourhood of Munich.


5. Hitlers Psychiatric Condition

Hitler's Psychiatric Condition

Neurotics have the ability to harm themselves. Psychotics have the ability to harm others. Hitler did both, but as a British military agent, he was trained to harm others en masse and to harm himself with a cocktail of drugs and perverse sexuality.


6. Hitlers Deconstruction

 Hitler's Deconstruction


The first method of reconstruction . . . is to bypass the conscious and unconscious mind and talk directly to the subconscious by playing music at one level with the message received by sound pulse on the second level.


7.Body Doubles

Body Doubles

The British Air Force Intelligence Officer Fred Winterbotham was intrigued by the way everyone ran out from their chauffeur-driven cars in Berlin and then turned at a right angle and ran into the building. One of the SS said, We do this because of the Swallows, the communist party assassins. They got sick of this by the mid-1930s and organised a doppelgnger contest amongst the ranks of the Storm Troopers, for anyone who looked like anyone important. Every region or Gau was judged, and the finalists were sent to the main centre for one of the most bizarre competitions in history the Gau doppelgnger contest the Hitler lookalike contest. Some of the doppelgngers were touched up and improved with plastic surgery. None of the contestants here said: I want world peace.

There were doubles for Goering and doubles for Hitler.


8.Hess and Hess Fly to Britain

Hess and Hess Fly to Britain

The British summoned the real Hess (the Deputy Fhrer from 1933) through secret channels to Scotland and had arranged 10 May 1941 as his most portentous day. Switzerland, Portugal (British) or Spain (Fascist), Scandinavia, and Czechoslovakia were other possible destinations for his flight, but these were all optional decoys. At the same time a doppelgnger Hess flew to Scotland from a different location in Germany.


9. Crashing the Duke of Kent

Crashing the Duke of Kent

The Duke of Kent was addicted to cocaine, morphine and sex, both with men and women. He didnt care which. He had a long string of affairs before marriage and continued these during his marriage making his wife one of the most cuckold women in history, next to the Queen.


10. Dunkirk


Under Operation dynamo the British and Allies escaped by sea from 26 May to 4 June 1940 on 848 British, French and Belgium craft. Destroyers, private motor cruisers and everything in between picked up 560,000 men off Dunkirks ten-mile stretch of beach during eight days of disorganised and panicked evacuation. Even British Naval crews mutinied because it was too dangerous to go.

The Germans had every chance to kill the British and Allies and they did strafe the beaches, but not as much as they could have. All the Germans had to do to increase the body count was to use their usual air-dropped contact-fused or pressure-switched airburst munitions which were absolutely lethal to unprotected men on the ground, but the Germans even failed to do this in great numbers.


11. James Bond

James Bond

John Ainsworth-Davis was also known as Lieutenant-Commander C. J. J. Creighton RN, Christopher John James Creighton, Chris Creighton, Christopher Ainsworth-Davis, Christopher Robin, C.R., with a nom de guerre of Leading Seaman John Davis.

He was born on 13 March 1924, is 6 2, did his first mission at the age of 15 in 1940 and became Lieutenant-Commander at just 21 years of age. He was the second leader of Operation JAMES BOND in April/May of 1945 into Berlin.


12. Pearl Harbor


M's role was to ensure that the larger events of WWII went according to plan. Such larger events were:

  1. Conflict was to be prolonged until the profits were made and the power structures were in place for the next sixty years of social policy.
  2. All peace negotiations were to be sabotaged.
  3. America was to be drawn very publicly into WWII with Americas full knowledge.
  4. Britain was to control all the assets of Nazi pillage.
  5. All double agents were to be returned to safety with their deaths faked.
  6. Doppelgngers to be released as dead, living in other countries, or alive posthumously.
  7. Any incriminating evidence against Britain or America was to be destroyed.

Three such incidents were Pearl Harbor in Hawaii, Dieppe in France, and Operation James Bond in Berlin. A study of these OPs gives us a clear understanding of Special Secret intelligence operations, the transfer of power, the pointlessness of battle, and the games secret societies play.


13. Dieppe


Dieppe was another devious distraction designed to establish Leading Seaman John Davis (Chris Creighton) as a British traitor in the eyes of Germanys military elite. Creighton could then pass false data to the Germans with credibility.


14. Anthony Blunt

Anthony Blunt

Anthony Blunts mother was Hilda Master. She was the daughter of a magistrate in the Indian Colonial Service. She married beneath herself to a poor Anglican Priest named Stanley Blunt, who achieved his role through zealous preaching and his ability to blind and deceive others a talent much valued by spying, double-handed, sly-rooting monarchies.

Three-and-a-half years before his coronation, the future King George V had an ongoing sex-for-dress exchange programme with Hilda Master. The sponsor was his wife Mary of Teck, (daughter of Fat Mary) and future Queen of England (m. 6 July 1893).


15. Wallis Simpson and King Edward VIII

Wallis Simpson and King Edward VIII

The British monarchy was not serving its people, it was serving its secret societies, its Freemasons, its Illuminati, its Mercers, the Livery Companies, the Anglican Church, the Boy Scouts, the paedophiles, and the creation of orphaned children as playthings for all of the above.

The proof of this is in the near complete preservation of royal buildings during the war, while a third of the square mile of the City of London was completely destroyed.


16. Operation JAMES BOND

Operation James Bond

If OPJB was the mission that never was, then the secret mission tacked on to it would be the most secret, shredded, and disavowed mission ever, and bound to remain secret until all parties were dead and even after that.

Ian Fleming had already got all he needed from Martin Bormann and the JAMES BOND mission was about to paddle for 10 days into a Russian trap instigated by the communist sympathisers, Anthony Blunt and King George VI.


17. Operation WINNIE THE POOH

Operation Winnie the Pooh

Operation WINNIE THE POOH deals with Adolf Hitler and Eva Brauns escape from the Bunker on 30 April 1945 and their flight out of Berlin between 4 and 5 pm on 2 May 1945.


18. Lost Leaders

Lost Leaders

It shouldnt be so surprising that Hitler was a British agent. Not only was he completely supported by Churchill and Stalin (they sabotaged attempts to kill him), but the same pattern is repeated over and over again in war today.


19. Churchill, Hitler and Stalin Work Together

Churchill, Hitler and Stalin

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